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Accident Postpones Criss Angel’s Opening


Spencer Horsman Almost DrownsCriss Angel postponed the planned opening of his show “The Supernaturalists” after a water-escape illusion went horribly wrong in the final dress rehearsal. The incident nearly ended with Spencer Horsman in “a watery grave.” Panic ensued and Criss and the cast can be seen rushing in to free the young escapologist. Horsman performed a similar stunt on America’s got Talent in 2012.

The footage shows celebrity magician Criss Angel and other crew members yelling “get him down” as they lowered the water-filled box to the stage.

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During the heart-stopping scene, Spencer can be seen looking motionless in the water. Criss has postponed the opening of The Supernaturalists as Horseman recovers.  Angel was quoted as saying, ”In an effort to ensure the safety of the cast and crew, we will be moving the opening night of The Supernaturalists. This show will make you question what you see with your own eyes’.

Spencer HorsmanHe made no clarification regarding Spencer’s condition but sources tell us that he is now recovering from the near drowning in the Houdini water-filled glass cage. He was unconscious and trapped dangling 30 feet above the stage. Spencer described it beforehand as “beyond risky” and the most dangerous escape he had ever attempted.

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