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Adam Trent Appears on Ellen


Adam Trent on EllenAdam Trent took time off from THE ILLUSIONISTS tour to show off a little of his magic to Ellen DeGeneres and her audience in Los Angeles. Adam Trent later performed two tricks – including making guest DJ Stephen “tWitch’s” cell phone disappear and then reappear inside of a honeydew melon. Trent asks Ellen DeGeneres for her iPhone. When she doesn’t have one available, he turns to tWitch, the show’s DJ (who you may recognize for his killer dance moves and appearances on So You Think You Can Dance).

Twitch passes Trent his phone and watches the magician place it into one of four envelopes. Trent then shuffles the phone through the envelopes and proceeds to smash three of them.

Trent took the iPhone, put it in one of four envelopes. He then proceeded to hit a three of the four envelopes with a hammer, before putting them in a blender. Somehow, the iPhone ended up inside a honeydew melon, that was inside a bag on stage. Ellen called the illusion “crazy,” and told him he “needed to come back every day.”

Finally, tWitch opens up the fourth, untouched envelope. But it’s empty.

“It’s not my phone, man,” he says.
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So where is his phone? Check out the video for the surprising reveal!

Adam Trent took also performed some magic backstage during the break.

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