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Aflac Duck In a New Magical Commercial


Aflec Duck Does MagicAflac, the provider of voluntary insurance at the work site in the United States, showed that the Aflac Duck has a few magic tricks up his wing in the company’s newest television commercial, “Magician.” The new ad first aired during two popular New Year’s Eve shows: “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest,” which aired on ABC Television Network, and “Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution,” which aired on Fox.

“Magician” starts with the Aflac Duck on stage attempting a horizontal levitation trick that quickly goes awry, startling his assistant as well as the live audience. He then turns to a standard card trick, making the playing cards he’s holding disappear into thin air, leaving behind nothing but smoke. Unfortunately, the smoke eventually erupts into flames. Two audience members are shown looking quite confused with the magician Duck’s poor performance thus far.
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For his final act, the Aflac Duck tries the disappearing lady trick, yet when he opens the red glittering curtains, his assistant is still there. He tries to hide her, but the audience members can’t deny that the Aflac Duck is “not a very good magician.” The female audience member agrees, but mentions that the Aflac Duck paid her claim in just one day. Shocked, the male next to her shouts, “One day?” before shaking his head in awe and quietly asking himself, “How does he do it?” as the magic show comes to a close.

An integrated marketing campaign will support the television commercial starting in 2016, including a new magic-themed digital experience on the company’s website. To see the Duck’s latest tricks, fans can follow the Aflac Duck on Facebook, Twitter andInstagram. Join the online conversation by using #magicianduck.

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