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America’s Got Magic – 2



It’s clear that the producers of America’s got Talent can spot a trend. The Art of Magic has become popular again. Because of this, magicians are not only getting respect from the judges but they are also getting a fair chance to perform their acts. For years magicians were invited on the show only to be ridiculed and told “I’ve seen that before”. Other times the judges (and the producers) would insist that a successful magician “go bigger” and work beyond their expertise and their comfort zone. Last year the magicians were allowed to do their acts and work inside their comfort zones. Yes, they were still challenged to “bring their ‘A’ game” but that was just encouraging them to be better, not bigger. The results were obvious, Mat Franco won and all the other magicians on the program did very well.

We did a story on how America’s Got Talent has found a new respect for the Art of Magic a couple of weeks ago. That article featured the first four magicians that auditioned on the show this year. You can read article and see those videos here.

Two weeks ago Michael John did the “Kiss Card Trick” with Mel B. This is how that audition went.

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Aiden Sinclair auditioned this week with very creative presentation of a classic of magic.

From this teaser for Week 5 it looks as if there will be even more magic acts to audition this season. Stay tuned and enjoy magic’s new respect!


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