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America’s Got Talent Returns with Strong Magic


AGT 2016America’s Got Talent returned to NBC last night and the season 11 premiere featured new judge Simon Cowell joining the panel. Simon created the Got Talent franchise and is a regular judge on Britain’s Got Talent. Mel B, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum have all returned and the contestants continue to be outrageous as well as highly talented.

Hiroki HaraMagic enthusiasts were thrilled to see not one but two strong magic acts do very well. There was also a third act that magicians would also love and is considered an affiliated art.

Hiroki Hara made a dramatic appearance with his routine using the Holotive Hologram effect screen. Hiroki Hara is a veteran of the World Magic Seminars Teen Competition and was featured in the documentary Make Believe. That documentary chronicled his winning that competition. Lance Burton often refers to him as one of his “kids”.

Hara got the crowd on their feet. He is from Japan and said it was his biggest dream to perform for them. Howie said that the performance was gorgeous and that now he believes in magic. Mel B said she felt like she was watching a Vegas show and she absolutely loved it. Heidi loved it too and Simon said that Hara turning into a pigeon was incredible. Hara Hiroki got four yesses.

Next is Thommy Ten and Amelie Van Tass who perform as The Clairvoyants. The Duo won the 1st prize for Mentalism last year at FISM 2015 in Rhiminy, Italy and have recently been a part of the Illusionists 1903 tour.

They begin by asking Heidi to bring her purse and come to the stage. Amelie had Heidi check her ears for an earpiece and check the blindfold to make sure it’s secure. Then they have Heidi put something in Thommy’s hand. Amelie correctly identified that the item is lipstick and went on to reveal the number of the shade. Then Thommy has the audience pull out objects. He picked up a phone and Amelie identified it as a white iPhone with an AT&T carrier. Then Thommy allowed Simon to inspect for hidden mics.
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Thommy Ten and AmelieThommy takes an item from Howie and his partner once again identified it as eyedrops eye drops…she even reads the expiration date. The crowd loved them. Howie says that’s the most amazing thing he’s seen ever. He says it’s amazing. Mel B says it’s like the Twilight Zone. Heidi says she likes it because she knows she’s not in on it. Simon says she’s a witch and that’s the only explanation and says it’s amazing too. Simon wants to take her to Vegas to clean up. They get four yesses and will move on.

Next up is a couple Ryan Stock and AmberLynn. Ryan is an accomplished sleight of hand artist and magician but you wouldn’t know that from the act he performed on America’s Got Talent.

They began with a pair of scissors that Howie inspects and identifies as real. Ryan then shoves them up his nose. Then he says that’s not the gross part. Then he opens and closes them and says that’s how you get the nose hairs at the very back. Then he pulls them out and licks them.

Ryan Stock and AmberLynnAfter that he pulled out a meat hook and proceeds to put it up his nose and out his mouth. Then AmberLynn hangs a medicine ball on the end of the meat hook (which is still going into his nose and out of his mouth) and he swings it. It’s horrifying and yet amazing and the judges hide their eyes.

Finally, Ryan hangs a strap onto the meat hook and lifts himself into the air. Heidi gave him the X but the crowd loved it and Simon gave his first standing ovation of the evening. Simon laughed and says that’s fantastic. Mel B says she loves this kind of act but can’t watch it. Howie says he loved it and it’s a yes. Mel B says she needs to help to vote and the crowd cheers so she says yes. Heidi says no she didn’t like it but Simon apologizes to America but then also says yes so Ryan Stock and AmberLynn will move on.

Stay tuned, the previews for upcoming auditions of AGT promise more great magic and top name magicians.

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