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Chris Pratt Performs “Real Magic” On TV

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chris_pratt_magicIt’s a question that everyone that learns any magic is asked. “I hear that you do magic. Can you do a trick…with MY cards?” At that point, every magician knows that you then must take those cards, no matter the quality or the condition of the deck and perform a small miracle. With luck and practice that miracle will be as entertaining as it is amazing.

That exact thing happened when actor Chris Pratt was on the latest episode of The Graham Norton Show with co-star Jennifer Lawrence too promote their film, PASSENGERS.

chris_pratt_magic-3When it was put to Pratt that he was a practicing magician, who also happened to play a magician on his movie The Magnificent Seven, Pratt said: “Like I know real magic? Yes.” But he quickly admitted that it had been a while. Fortunately for the actor, he was presented with a new sealed deck of Bicycles. “You have to be very careful practicing in the dark arts,” Pratt joked. “This is a whole new deck, I haven’t seen this deck, you haven’t shown me this deck…Captivated yet?”

“You have to be very careful practicing in the dark arts,” Pratt joked. “It’s been a while so if I screw this up, you’ll have to cut it out or whatever.”

“This is awesome, I’m doing a card trick for, I love my life,” he continued, introducing a trick he called “Burn ‘Em,” which works “50 percent of the time.” Unlike career magicians like David Blaine (who recently appeared and disappeared a frog down his throat on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show), Pratt seemed ill at ease with his talents. He joked his way through the set-up of both the cards and his audience by portraying the lovable loser that ends up winning…a role he often plays in his films.

When followed Pratt’s instructions to shuffle his randomly selected card of an Ace of Hearts (unknown to Pratt) into the full deck, the hip-hop artist went slightly rogue by mixing the cards through the middle of the pack. “Argh you may have screwed it up for me but that’s Ok, let’s give it a try,” said a still-confident Pratt.
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“What all great magicians say,” retorted an amused Lawrence.

After opting for four chances to select the correct card, Pratt began sifting through the deck (“Dear Lord God, please,” muttered Lawrence) and he pulled out a Three of Clubs.

“No, no remember I get four chances. It’s called Burn ‘Em; I take one and I burn it. I might have burned your card,” he told a skeptical

chris_pratt_magic-2He then repeated the process four times, each time failing to produce the Ace of Hearts, but just when it got embarrassing, Pratt said, “I’m not done, give me a fist pump. A magic fist pump.” In doing so, Pratt proved the real illusion was in making his earlier attempts look fumbled.

In this long but funny performance Pratt employed the classic “Magician In Trouble” motif and after what in what most people would think was a train wreck of a card trick, he appeared to pull off a miracle. The look on everyone’s faces showed their amazement. It was clear that he even impressed his skeptic co-star, Jennifer Lawrence.

The full episode will air December 10th on BBC America.

  1. How did he do that???? 😉

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