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Christmas Deck from Penguin Magic


Christmas DeckPenguin Magic has just released a cool new deck with a Christmas theme with custom artwork by Natalia Silva.  This deck features 54 unique works of art printed by The United States Playing Card Company on super premium cards. These cards will never be reprinted. With the pips integrated into the design, this is a whimsical transformation-style deck unlike any other! You will see images of Santa, reindeer, snowmen, presents, and of course penguins! Since they are printed by USPCC on Bicycle stock with Premium finish and Q1 quality, the cards also handle beautifully for all of your Christmas routines.

To promote this deck Penguin employed the cardistry skills of Dalton Wayne and Santa Claus. The result is a killer holiday themed trailer.


The tuck box looks like a beautifully-wrapped gift with a red and green color scheme. It is the perfect treat for anyone to find inside their stocking!

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-100% Custom Artwork by Natalia Silva
-Red, Green, and White Color Scheme
-Bicycle Stock and Premium Finish
-2 Double-Backer Cards Included

This is a limited edition deck and when they are gone, they are gone.

To order this item from Penguin click here.

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