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Comic Books and Magic

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Join us if you will as we relate the story of Mark Horowitz, a mild-mannered South Florida optometrist by day that can instantly transform into Dr. Magic by night.

No, we are not describing some new comic book character with magical super powers. Mark Horowitz is a real eye doctor that performs magic in his off time. Mark is also acollector of magic and magic themed comic books.
Like most of us, Mark read comics (mostly superheroes) and performed magic as a child. He never thought that he could eventually combine his two pastimes. Mark really didn`t know about magicians in comic books till he went to college and found a Mandrake comic in a store and purchased it.

He remembers that it really wasn’t a great story as compared to a Superman or Batman comic but he decided to look for more comics with a magician or magic theme anyway. Mark started finding more Mandrakes and a few covers with someone doing magic on them.

When he discovered the Super-Magician comic from the 1940`s, he was hooked. Harry Blackstone Sr was the man! Mark knew that he had to have all of these and started to search for them. Back then, there was no Ebay, there wasn’t even “the internet”, so his mission became going to every comic book store and search through the thousands of comics in the hundreds of bins.

Upon graduation, Mark had 30-40 great magic comics. Later in life collecting magic and magic comics became a true passion and now Mark has about 1700 magic related comics! With this much resource material already in his collection, Mark decided to do further research about the comics and present this information in a lecture.

Mark will present “Magicians in Comics History” as a special Early Bird Preview Event of the S.A.M. Annual Convention on FRIDAY, JULY 20th at 9:00 pm at THE HOUDINI THEATER.

This collection is still a work in progress and Mark’s lecture will discuss all aspects of these comics from their origins to where we are today.

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While you are at the convention, Visit Mark’s Magic Comics & Memorabilia Booth in the Dealer’s Room. Of course, you can only do this if you register for the S.A.M. Convention.

The Society of American Magician’s 2018 National Convention will be held in Orlando, Florida on July 21 – 23. With special early bird events beginning on Friday, July 20th This exciting event will feature performances by many famous and cutting-edge magicians from around the world, many seen for the first time in the United States. There will be gala stage shows each evening, with tickets available to the public, intimate close-up magic shows, and sessions and lectures that focus on many subjects that will help one to be more knowledgeable and proficient in our craft.

The S.A.M. close-up and stage contests are often described as the best contest in the world. Exhibitors from all over the world will offer information and sale of the latest magic props, books, videos, collectibles and variety of items related to magic and other variety arts.

The convention features events for young magicians and alternative events for non-magicians. This is a world-class event presented for an intimate audience at a location that has plenty for families to see and do. Join us on a “magic vacation” at the friendly S.A.M. 2018 convention.
There is something for everyone at the S.A.M. National Convention.

The convention headquarters are at the WYNDHAM ORLANDO RESORT INTERNATIONAL DRIVE, 8001 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819.

For more information CLICK HERE.

  1. I will always keep an eye out for magic comics

    . By the way Liz and I will return to Italy next year and will be able to converse with the Italians. Vuoi andare con i suoi amici?

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