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Criss Angel To Close “BELIEVE” at The Luxor


Criss Angel BelieveDuring our visit to Las Vegas earlier this month for the S.A.M. National conference, The Magic Compass heard that Criss Angel and Cirque du Soleil will be shutting down Believe at the Luxor. Now we can confirm the rumor, the long-running “Believe” will end April 17 and will be replaced by “Mindfreak Live!” on May 11.

In a recent interview Angel said, “I believe it will be my greatest work to date. It gives me a license to create what I’ve always wanted to do, things I’ve been working on for many, many years.”

Cirque du Soleil will continue as producer in the new effort, which stems from the show Angel has performed on tour across the United States. Angel will carry the title of executive producer and director. “I have no handcuffs on me at all,” he said.

Criss Angel“With this show, I’m able to start from scratch and not have to repurpose things and work within the parameters of Cirque du Soleil,” he said. “I have the freedom to start from the ground up and really see through what my vision really is. And it’s an ambitious vision, but one that is incredibly different (from ‘Believe’).”

Angel said the new show will use new 3-D immersion effects, cutting-edge video walls and a new levitation technique. It will be connected with an autobiographical thread. “The show essentially is the evolution of Criss Angel,” he says. “For people who don’t know me, they’ll get to understand who I am and understand the genesis of my career and how I got to where I’m at.”

Criss Angel“It’s very theatrical,” he adds, with less of him talking to the audience than in the current show. “I’m going back to things I’ve done and performing them in the form that I did them years ago. People will really get to understand and see my career and what affects me in my personal life.”
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“Believe” recently celebrated its seventh anniversary and has thrilled more than 4 million guests in over 3,000 shows since its October 2008 opening. After Believe closes, the new show will require a three-week installation at the Luxor theater. Angel will open “Mindfreak Live!” in preview performances May 11 and will officially celebrate the new show’s star-studded premiere June 23. It will include state-of-the-art lighting, modern technology and special effects, as well as a DJ and live musicians. The show will be based on the critically-acclaimed Mindfreak television series on the A&E network.

Nik Rytterstrom, general manager of the Luxor, said in a news release today: “For the past seven years, Criss has been entertaining millions of fans with ‘Believe’ at Luxor. We look forward to unveiling his new, groundbreaking show to our guests this summer.”

Criss Angel MindfreakCriss will be joined by a cast that includes some of the world’s most talented specialty artists. Their names will be revealed soon. Criss says this has been an 18-year vision of his life coming to fruition with a blend of heart-stopping original illusions, state-of-the-art animated LED lighting and RGB laser explosions, LED virtual worlds, 3-D immersive effects, pyrotechnic landscapes, musicians and a DJ. Audiences will be seated inside a 360-degree experience of pyrotechnics and explosions.

The SUPERNATURALISTS™Jerry Nadal, senior vice president of Cirque du Soleil here, added in the news release: “Criss is a pioneering and visionary artist, and together we created ‘Believe,’ a first-of-its-kind magic stage phenomenon of which we are all tremendously proud.

Aside from the show at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Angel also produces “The Supernaturalists”, an ensemble magic show with nine other talented magicians that has received praise from fans and media outlets alike. These international magicians include mentalist Banachek, dog conjuror Johnny Dominguez, escape artist Spencer Horsman, illusionist Landon Swank, card manipulator Stefan Vanel, female magician Krystyn Lambert, and close-up magician Adrian Vega among others.

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