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Dan White Visits GMA


Dan White on GMA 2Good Morning America is celebrating it’s 40th Anniversary with the streaming feature GMA 40 for 40. The 40-hour continuous live broadcast launched in Times Square Studios in New York City on Tuesday, November 17th at 5pm ET. Throughout the marathon, ABC anchors and correspondents brought viewers live content, interviews, events and more from our virtual studio in New York City. Co-host Michael Strahan shared some of his rules for success from his book “Wake Up Happy” with a special guest appearance by magician Dan White. In the nearly 11 minute interview Dan discussed his magic, his inspirations and his show, The Magician which is now playing in a small, 72-seat magic parlor in the NoMad Hotel. He also performed some of his signature magic including a special trick that used Michael’s book which was displayed on the table.

Here is that interview from GMA.

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At 33, Dan has already been in the business for two decades. It all started when he saw David Copperfield perform a flying illusion at a show in Camden, New Jersey. “I was a little, chubby 13-year-old, bawling my eyes out over a magic trick, like, What’s going on?” His first performance soon thereafter was at his karate studio: “I had a little box with cool things, like I’d produce silks out of it. I don’t think it went well.” As a teenager he worked at Hocus Pocus, a magic shop in Philadelphia (it has since closed), where he was paid in magic books and mystery boxes. He finally found himself working on Copperfield’s own show, helping the famous magician invent new tricks. “I remember the first time I performed for David Copperfield. It wasn’t even a performance. I was always just so nervous about it. I’d have to show him the idea, and [I thought], Oh my God, I’m performing for the guy who made me start doing magic.”

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