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David Blaine On The Tonight Show


david-blaine-on-the-tonight-show“The Tonight Show” returned to its New York origins when “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” made its broadcast debut from Studio 6B in Rockefeller Center. Emmy Award- and Grammy Award-winning comedian Jimmy Fallon brings a high-tempo energy to the storied NBC franchise with his welcoming interview style, love of audience participation, spot-on impersonations and innovative sketches.

The Tonight Shown has been American television institution for almost 60 years. The show continues to be a home to big-name celebrity guests and a stage for top musical and comedic talent. It has also been a great place for magicians to perform. Taking a cue from his unforgettable predecessors, including hosts Johnny Carson, Steve Allen and Jay Leno, Fallon carrys on the tradition that audiences know and love.

Since taking over The Tonight Show, Jimmmy Fallon has featured Dan White and Penn & Teller and now David Blaine has performed on the show. Blaine was there in advance of his ABC special on Tuesday, November 15th. Here is the clip from last night.

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Magician David Blaine first made a name for himself with his 1997 TV special, David Blaine: Street Magic. Since then, he has participated in several incredible stunts, including being entombed in a plastic box beneath a three-ton tank of water, being encased in a large block of ice and being submerged in a water-filled sphere. His latest special, DAVID BLAINE: BEYOND MAGIC, airs November 15 on ABC. To read more about the new David Blaine Special, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Clearly David amazed Jimmy Fallon but our favorite responce came from the members of the roots who weren’t sure what they were watching.

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