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David Copperfield Does Real Magic for 10 Year Old


David-Copperfield-Makes-Wish-Come-True-For-Terminally-Ill-BoyThis is what real magic looks like. In February, hundreds of posts on Twitter and Facebook alerted David Copperfield to the story of Aiden Davis. Just 10 years old, Aiden was battling a rare illness – with just a few months left to live. He had a few wishes: to have a party with his fourth grade class, to have his friend Dylan sleepover, and to see David Copperfield live in Las Vegas.

Copperfield got the message and flew Aiden’s family across the country. He surprised the family not just with tickets to his show – but by spending the whole day with Aiden and his family. Jonathan Bayme, Homer Liwag, Chris Kenner, Stacy DeRosa, and David’s whole crew helped coordinate to make this happen.

On Friday night, Aiden lost his battle with cancer — This is what David had to say when he heard of Aiden’s passing…”In February, I was fortunate to meet a young man named Aiden Davis. Just 10 years old – but his strength, courage, and positive spirit inspired me more than I can begin to say. Through illness, through treatment after treatment, Aiden stayed strong and motivated thousands of people around the world, myself especially. Today, the world lost an incredible young man, and I’ll never forget him.”
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David Copperfield and Aiden



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