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David Copperfield – Lost In Translation?


David Copperfield David Copperfield was interviewed for EL IBÉRICO, a Spanish language newspaper that is based in London. In this article the illusionist seems to open up about personal beliefs and experiences. Perhaps we are seeing a side of David Copperfield that we have never seen before or perhaps there is something that has been lost in translation.

One of the last illusions in your show is really amazing because you vanish 13 people from the audience. Who you would you like to permanently make disappear from this world?

If I could choose, I’d get rid of television producers and several politicians.

Do you use hypnosis in your shows?

I use hypnosis in a very subtle way, very soft. The people will never do what you do not want, you can not force anyone.

Does God have a place in your life?

I have a very personal relationship with God, very strong. Not in a conventional manner: it is more intimate, more spiritual.

David Copperfield Your actions, at least many of them are inspired by the paranormal, are they not?
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Almost always, spirits, telekinesis, ghosts … a bit of everything related to these issues. I’m not saying I have some kind of supernatural power, although many people say I’m from Mars (laughs). … Although it may be true.

Have you been seen in any paranormal phenomenon?

I have experienced many things for which I have no explanation: I have witnessed amazing events, I anticipate things that will happen. For example, often, I know someone is about to call and I will call before they do. Other experiences are too personal and certainly not of interest to anyone.

Often you present escapes live in risky situations. Has there been an occasion when you felt that your life was in danger?

Always in live dangerous situations like crossing the Niagara Falls, escape from prison of Alcatraz or being hung upside down from ropes burning is very risky. Once, in a rehearsal I burned my leg. Fortunately, my crew quickly covered me with a blanket. In my last show I performed some really dangerous numbers.

To read the full article in Spanish please click here. If we have mistranslated anything Please let us know.


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  2. Steve in CHGO says:

    When you know that someone is about to call your phone – especially if you know who it is – I call that feeling “telephonepathy.”

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