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Escape Artist Almost Dies


Antony Britton is Buried AliveAntony Britton is an escapologist whose buried alive stunt went terribly wrong. He was handcuffed and buried alive in an attempt to outdo his idol Harry Houdini performance of the escape in 1915. The stunt didn’t go as planned and Britton had to be dug out of the standard-sized grave almost nine minutes into the stunt after he failed to break through the surface. He nearly died in the makeshift grave after running out of oxygen.

This was on the 100th anniversary of Harry Houdini attempt at a similar escape. Britton planned to escape from the grave unaided, a stunt which Houdini attempted in 1915 but also failed. The attempt was held at a charity event to raise funds for Leukemia & Lymphoma Research.

When he was rescued the stunt master was unconscious but was given oxygen in a nearby ambulance and eventually came around. He also suffered a cracked rib in the failed stunt. The escapologist said the biggest disappointment about the whole thing was discovering he was actually just two feet from the surface when he had to be rescued. Britton is only the third person in 100 years to attempt the stunt, after Houdini a century ago and Alan Alan in 1949, both of whom failed and had to be rescued.Buried Alive

Britton said he won’t be trying the trick again.
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“I almost died,” he told the British Newspaper The Telegraph.

“I was just seconds away from death. It was scary. The pressure of the soil was crushing around me. Even when I found an air pocket, when I exhaled the soil around me was crushing me even more. I could feel myself losing consciousness and there was nothing I could do. I was pretty much dying.

“But everyone was on the ball and the crew was well-drilled. They knew pretty much where I would be under the soil and after the digger had moved in behind me, the team were hand-balling the soil until they could reach me.”

This isn’t the first time Britton has misjudged his abilities. Last year an escape in which he was suspended by burning ropes while wearing a strait jacket almost went horribly wrong when the fire advanced faster than he was expecting. In 2013, he was locked in an 8ft steel cage dubbed Lucifer’s Chamber and was engulfed in flames.

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