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Finalists For The S.A.M. Contest of Magic


SAM Contest of Magic LogoAll of the contestants for the S.A.M. Contest of Magic have been notified and now they are preparing for the final competition at The Society of American Magicians Annual Convention. The 2016 Convention will be held in Indianapolis July 13-16. The only way to see what promises to be two incredible contests is to attend the S.A.M. Convention. If you aren’t registered yet, please CLICK HERE.

This promises to be a terrific experience for all of the contestants as well as those attending the convention. The acts that compete at our conventions are important performers this year they will receive a complimentary registration as well as a cash stipend. They will also be treated to a special lunch with many of the notable artists at the convention and that’s just the beginning. Prizes will not be limited to the traditional S.A.M. awards either, in fact there will be nothing traditional about the prizes. We’d like to have some secrets so the details on prizes will be announced at the convention.

The Contest Committee chose these artists as finalists for the Fr. Cyprian Murray Stage Contest finalists, Jania Taylor, Chris Randall, Ninja MoriShinHan and Steve Owens.

Stage Magic ContestantsThe Finalist chosen by voters here at The Magic Compass is Nicolas Dutel.
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Nicolas DutelThe finalists of the Dr. Paul Critelli Close-Up Contest that were chosen by the Contest Committee are Jim Vines, Chris Randall. Syd Beckmann and Merritt Ambrose.

Close Up ContestantsMagic Compass readers voted for Lion Fludd.

Liom FluddBe sure to touch base with The Magic Compass to see who will win the S.A.M. Contests of Magic during the Convention.

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