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FISM World Champions Announced


FISMThe FISM 2015 Winners were announced in Rimini, Italy after a week of contests. Spain and South Korea tied for having the most winners and Germany came in with a close second. It was advertised that this 26th World Championship of Magic would be “The Best FISM Ever” and there was (of course) much discussion on this. For more on this click here. In the meantime, here are the 2015 World Champions of Magic.

General Magic
1. Kim Young-Min – South Korea
2. Miguel Muñoz – Spain
3. Hun Lee – South Korea

Card Magic
1. Horret Wu – China
1. Shin Lim – Canada
2. Hannes Freytag & Vicente Noguera – Germany
3. Kelvin Chow – Hong Kong

1. *No First Place
2. Vladimir Volkoff – France
3. Hakan Berg – Sweden
Most original act: Yann Frisch – France

Mental Magic
1. Thommy Ten & Amelie – Germany
2. Lucca & Anca – Austria
3. Simon Thomas – Germany

1. *No First Place
2. Alexis Arts – Italy
3. Jakob Mathias – Germany
3. Timothy Trust & Diamond – Germany

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1. Hector Mancha – Spain
2. Lukas – South Korea
3. Lee Chang Min – South Korea

Micro Magic
1. *No First Place
2. Mario Lopez – Spain
2. David Pricking – Germany
3. Seol Park – South Korea

Innovations: Daniel Collado – Spain
Most Original Act: DK – South Korea

Parlor Magic
1. Pierric – Switzerland
2. Wolfgang Moser – Austria
3. Magic Brothers – South Korea
3. Henry Harrius –

Innovation: Semba – Argentina
Innovation: Antonio Romero

Special Awards
Creativity and Innovation – Derren Brown
History, research and scholarship – Magic Christian
Theory –

*First Place Winners must receive a minimum of 80 points from the Jury. If no one in a category receives that many points then no First Place Prize will be awarded.

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