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Franz Harary Featured on CBS This Morning


Franz HararyA little over five months ago, Franz Harary opened The House of Magic. This is an unprecedented, $50-million magic theatrical complex which opened to the public on October 27, 2015. It is permanently housed within “Studio City,” a $ 3.2 billion hotel and casino resort complex located on the Cotai Strip in Macau, China. The Magic Compass originally reported about this on June 10th. You can read that story here.  

CBS This Morning did an Interview with Harary in Macau. You can watch that interview here.

The House of Magic is actually a 3-theater arena where the world’s greatest magicians will lead you on an incredible journey of magical entertainment where you will witness incredible illusions and fascinating sleight of hand as you move from one performance to another. That means that you can enjoy the excitement of 3 separate magic shows for the price of just one.

Franz Harary's Mega MagicDescribed as “An intimate, two-hour, live experiential presentation,” the “House of Magic” is an immersive experience which, according to Harary, “was designed by a magician, for magicians.” Visitors to the venue are treated to brand new, large-scale magical illusions, including: shrinking motorcycles, appearing cars, and members of the audience being levitated and teleported to distant locations. “Our show was designed to reduce adult audience members back to their days as children, recapturing that sense of wonder and awe we all had when we were very young,” Harary says.

You begin by watching shows in the two 150-seat parlor magic theaters. After that you will be escorted to the 300-seat main theater to witness Franz Harary’s “Mega Magic” which was specially created for The House of Magic. This mesmerizing finale to the 90-minute spectacular brings the audience incredibly close to the show and the illusionary theatrics of the master himself.

Last week Franz sent us this “home movie” tour of the venue by Chen and Lee Hiroshi.
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Franz Harary’s “House of Magic” is the largest, most expensive, and most technologically sophisticated, permanent Magic Show in world history. Says Harary, “We expect that the ‘House of Magic’ will become to Magic what Hollywood has long been to Movies.”

franz-harary-master-of-magic-world-tour2013-iHarary selected noted Art Director Tim Delaney (the man behind Disneyland’s “Tomorrowland,”) to work in tandem with him to art design “House of Magic” with a “retro-tech, steam punk” look and feel. Harary’s “House of Magic” is comprised of four theatres: the “Illusion Laboratory,” where guests can interact with magical toys, gizmos and illusionary gadgets of all shapes and sizes; the “Paris Opera House,” a French Nouveau style theatre featuring the world’s best classical magicians; a “Middle Earth” -style theatre, in which guests feel transported to a beautiful, mystical forest right out of “The Hobbit;” and a “Future Tech” Mega Magic theatre, which, through state-of-the-art multi-media technologies, take guests on amazing odysseys thru the human imagination.

Would you like more information on the master illusionist? Here is an earlier interview Franz did with CNN for the show Talk Asia.

You can read the article that The LA Times wrote about Franz Harary and the House of Magic by clicking here. 

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