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Fundraiser for SAM Disaster Relief


CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the Disaster Relief Fundraiser

Your contributions were greatly appreciated and will help a worthy cause. Your generous donations raised a total of $9510 for the S.A.M. Magic Endowment Fund to support the Hurricane Harvey disaster relief for magicians and allied Arts in Texas and Louisiana affected by Harvey. Thank you to Christopher Weed of Showtime Magic Products LLC for organizing this, the many dealers who donated and all who participated with their contributions to the Magic Endowment Fund to help those affected by Harvey.

If you are a winner, please give us a few days to get you together with your generous prize donor who will directly fulfill your prize. Please support these magic dealers who were very generous in their support of the raffle.

Danys Hamel-$100 Wonder Imagery Gift Certificate
Colin Eleazer-Custom Dan Freed Coloring Page
Ryan Price-Full Registration to Brad Ross’ It Factor Live
Ian Richards and Jimmy Vee-$500 Showtime Magic Products Gift Certificate
Kevin Huston-$500 Steve Axtell’s Axtell Expressions Gift Certificate
Jimmy Vee and Buster Balloon-Full registration to Kapital Kidvention
Mike Norden-Tax Preparation by Kevin Huston
Triston Wilkinson, Jimmy Vee and Randy Carter-Web Promotion Package from Les Chalfin
Mike Norden-Full Registration to SAM Orlando 2018
James Songster-Full Registration to KIDabra or KAX 2018 plus KIDabra DIY DVDs
Steve Nespor, Buster Balloon, Bob Carroll, James Songster, Roger Way, Fred King, Rick Morrill, Scott Morley, Jimmy Vee, David Hira-Christopher Cool’s Customizable Card Trick Giveaways
Donald and Karen Miller-Christopher T. Magician Prize Package
James Songster, Roger Way, Scott Green, David Hira-Ron Ishimaru’s Color Changing Streamer Silks
Daniel P. Rowan-Landing page from Michael Eaton
James Songster-Atlanta Harvest of Magic 2018 Registration
Dal Sanders, Gaia Germani, Billy Byron-Higgins Magic Chocolate Surprise Trick
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Ken Barham-Doug Doug Scheer Prize Package
Ryan Pilling-$100 Barry Mitchell Products Gift Certificate
Dick Bowman-Scott Green Book and Trick Prize Package
Roger Way-James Munton’s Zero to Booked Solid Course
Dan Sykora-$100 Candy Lemus’ Clowns Shopping Time Gift Certificate
Jimmy Vee-$100 Ken Scott Wisenbaker’s Gift Certificate
Mark Bentley-Balloon coaching session and autographed DVDs from Clark Sides
AJ LaHaye-Victoria Skye’s Impossible Arrow Through Deck of Cards
Gaia Germani-Brian Foshee’s Empower Sound Waistband Amp
Jim Stott-Ryan Pilling’s Wow Factor Studio Printable Magic Books
Steve Nespor-Kyle Peron e-books prize package
Amy Holmes-Mike Norden Books Prize Package
Dan Jimmerson-Magic Books Prize Package from Jimmy Vee
Scott Green-WOW Prize Package from Jim Austin
Fred Becchetti-Magic Set and Poker Chip from That Magic Kid Colin Eleazer
David Hinkin-$100 Gift Certificate from Dan Nixon’s Creative Arts Store
Jimmy Vee-Collectible Cards from Malik Haddadi
Kenneth West-Gift Package from Morley’s Magic Shop


EDITOR’S NOTE: We tried to provide links to as many of the dealers and suppliers that provided prizes as possible. If we missed any of you please provide a link to your website and we will update this article.

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