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Harry Allen is Clowning Around

The Magic Word

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The Magic Word is a podcast for magicians and about magicians. Hosted by a Full Time Professional Magician, Scott Wells, this podcast is totally free for everyone to enjoy. This is provided to you out of love and respect for our art of magic.

The most recent podcast features Harry Allen, a well-known comedy magician and owner of Daytona Magic. Harry is a regular dealer at the S.A.M. National Convention and you can see him again in Philadelphia. Harry AllenHarry Allen has been in business as a magic shop owner for 49 years with Irv Cook. In this chat, Harry talks about how he met and became friends with Henny Youngman, the evolution of Daytona Magic Shop, magic conventions, being a dealer, and the possible future of the brick and mortar magic shops. Listen to Harry and Scott by clicking here.

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