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Holiday Gift Idea for Magicians


S.A.M. convention magic meetingIf you are looking for that special holiday gift for your magician, magic lover or even yourself then look no further. Give a registration for The Society of American Magicians Annual Convention.

The four-day event features performances by famous magicians from around the world, with lots of stage shows, close-up shows and magic lectures. There is something for everyone at the S.A.M. National Convention. That’s why over 1000 people attend this world-class event each year. To register for this convention please click here.

There are close-up and stage contests, exhibitors who offer information and sale of magic props, books, tapes, publications, collectibles and items related to magic and other variety arts. The convention features events for young magicians and alternative events for non-magicians. Gala stage shows are held in nearby theatres for the conventioneers and tickets to these exciting evening events are also sold to the public.

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Stars Of TomorrowOne of the highlights of the convention is The Stars of Tomorrow show which was originally proposed, produced and emceed by Stan Allen, the convention honoree. This show allows the young people who are the future of magic to showcase their talent and to perform in front of a large audience at a National Convention.

It’s clear that this convention will be warm and crowded and it will definitely be exciting! Some of that excitement will be generated by The Society of American Magicians Contests of Magic. The competition is open to all members of The S.A.M. and as performers from all over the world who have shared their skill and art with the this organization will attest, “The S.A.M. Contests of Magic are known for being unique, fair, independent, welcoming, creative and cutting edge”. Look for some big surprises in the 2016 S.A.M. Contest Experience.

The convention will be held July 13 – 16 at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown, 350 West Maryland Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225, US.

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