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HOW THINGS WORK takes on Magic


Brain Stuff discusses magic.Here at The Magic Compass we were alarmed when we found out that Jonathan, Ben, Cristen, Lauren, Josh and Christian from Brain Stuff were planning a segment about magic for their YouTube series, How Stuff Works.  This video podcast presents explanations on multiple topics from how popcorn works to particle physics. The Brain Stuff team explores and explains the everyday science in the world around us. YouTube videos already offer too many explanations about the secrets of magic. We believe that this is bad for The Art of Magic.

That video was released this week and we are pleased to announce that NO magic secrets were revealed. Instead, the team explained why “The Magician’s Oath” is important.

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While we were sorry to see that Brain Stuff decided to perpetuate the stereotype of a “cape wearing magician” we were happy to see the responsible way the team took on the issue of exposure and theft of intellectual property.

They even quoted a 2013 article that Rick Lax wrote for Wired. You can read that article here.

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