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Ice McDonald and the QUIET MASTERS


Quiet Masters POSTER We are pleased to announce the completion of the documentary series “QUIET MASTERS – THE HISTORY AND RELEVANCE OF THE BLACK MAGICAL ARTIST”.

“This project took 18 months and thousands of hours to complete” says, Executive Producer Kenrick Ice McDonald. Ice McDonald also said that this documentary is like no other presentation on the black magical experience.

This documentary contains important historical facts, an unprecedented cast and dynamic interviews. Witness through these magical artists own words, their Journeys through this magical world. Audiences will learn about artists like Henry “BOX” Brown, Black Herman and Ellen E. Armstrong. The artists in this documentary include: Goldfinger and Dove, The Evasons, Phelston Jones, Kid Ace, Jamahl Keyes, Victor and Diamond, Chris Capehart, Meeka Diane, Eric Jones, Eric Redman, William Watt, Michael Vincent, Ran’D Shine, Ice McDonald and many others.

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More information about this documentary will be coming soon to THE MAGIC COMPASS.

Updates will soon be available at
and at “The Magic Compass”

  1. My eyes were opened to the richness of blacks in the history of magic at the S.A.M. convention in Philly. I’m looking forward to seeing the full documentary in order to expand my knowledge.

  2. So looking forward to seeing this program!

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