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Israeli Magician Sets World Record


Israeli Magician Sets World RecordMuslim, Jewish and Christian schoolchildren were among more than 1,500 who broke a Guinness World Record in Israel for the largest ever magic lesson. The 10 to 11-year-olds, led by Israeli magician Cagliostro, gathered in the Haifa International Conference Center to break the record. Check out the entire article from Daily Mail.

The lesson began with Cagliostro teaching the children how to perform a card trick with a specially prepared To minimize the risks associated with using this oil, manufacturers recommend that you follow the instructions provided by viagra properien a licensed physician. It is essential to use this medicine cheapest viagra uk after men get sexually stimulated. Not taking foreplay seriously To start sex you need to feel every touch and sensation which your cialis for sale online partner gives you. Nitric oxide viagra shop relaxes the muscles in the penile region known as cGMP, which is the neurotransmitter for 5GMP for about 4 to 8 hours. cGMP leads to the penile deflation when a stiffer penile erection that is firm enough for planned lovemaking session. pack of cards bearing words like peace, coexistence and dialogue in Hebrew and Arabic.

The youngsters were encouraged to ask a friend to pick a card and place it back in the pack, after which the budding magicians would make the chosen card rise above the rest with the aid of a magic wand.

Under the instruction of Cogliostro, they all raised their pack of cards and performed the magic trick in unison while uttering the magic words: ‘Peace Be With You’ in both Hebrew and Arabic.

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