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It’s Hard for Women in Magic

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Katherine MillsKatherine Mills is a British magician that is appearing in the ensemble magic show IMPOSSIBLE at the Noël Coward Theatre in London. She made television history in 2014 as the first female magician to be given her own prime time TV series. Her show, Katherine Mills: Mind Games aired on Watch in October 2014.

In this article from The Guardian she talks about the difficulty women have had being accepted as magicians. She claims that the lack of female magicians is stark. They haven’t been totally absent, they consistently appear as scantily clad assistants, holding hoops of fire or being sawn in half as some sort of living prop but they have rarely been the ones performing the illusion. Mills describes her journey (as well as the journeys of other women in magic) and she explains why she is different.
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  1. While Katherine may have a point about the lack of women in Magic in the UK, it is rather the exception, not the rule. We have many female magicians coming from China, Korea, Japan and the US. Magical history has many famous female performers (not just box jumpers), Iona, Adelaide Herrmann, Anna Eva Fay (spiritualist),Talma, Vonetta, and more. Today you have Elisabeth Warlock, Malinda, Angela Funovitz, Luna Shimada, Tina Lernet, Juliana Chen, Jade, Princess Tenko, Trixie Bond, Becky Blaney, et al. I could go on with a dozen more. Like everything else in this world, there are still some chauvinistic holdouts, but for the most part, women are eagerly accepted in the world of Magic… Just this month, Jolie Harley Dreiling won first place in the IBM Jr. Close-up competition. So, Magic and female magicians are in good hands and the field is growing.

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