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Jeff Hobson Appears on TODAY Show


The Illusionists have brought their show,  “The Illusionists Live From Broadway” back to the east coast and ‘The Trickster’ made April fools out of the TODAY Anchors. Jeff Hobson visited TODAY and showed off a few tricks and it should come as no surprise, he was fantastic. The directors of TODAY were clearly ready to cut away but fortunately for all of us, they did not.

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Jeff also got great reviews from their recent show in Baltimore. Tim Smith from The Baltimore Sun wrote; ”

…This overstuffed show, directed by Neil Dorward, gets an invaluable lift from Jeff Hobson, alias The Trickster. He holds his own in the magic department, especially when it comes to some shtick with a cloth bag, an egg and a volunteer. (Folks sitting close to the stage might want to avoid eye contact with all the performers.)

But the quick-witted Hobson’s main talent is emceeing. A cross between Liberace and Paul Lynde, he adds an element of spontaneity, charm and good old camp humor throughout the proceedings. He almost makes the show’s weak spots disappear.

Read the full review by clicking here.

The Illusionists appeared on a recent webisode of  The World Needs Magic. Check out that interview by clicking here.

The Illusionists plays through April 3, 2016 at the Hippodrome Theatre at The France-Merrick Performing Arts Center – 12 North Eutaw Street, in Baltimore, MD. For tickets call (800) 982-ARTS, or purchase them online.

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