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Justin Flom Returns to TODAY Show


Justin FlomTODAY 2016Over the past several years, Justin Flom’s magic career has grown through television appearances, constant touring and millions of social media views including Facebook and Snapchat. He considers himself an “Organic” magician because he uses simple items including Pringles, candy nerds, Life Savers, dollar bills, bottles of Coke and other familiar items. He starred in the SyFy Channel’s “Wizard Wars,” holds the distinction of being the first magician ever to perform card tricks for a sold out crowd at the fabled Madison Square Garden and performed magic as the host of superstar duo Florida Georgia Line’s 2015 nationwide tour.

Adventures of a Kid MagicianFlom, who was named as an Up and Coming Entertainer by Las Vegas Weekly, has just released a new book titled “Adventures of a Kid Magician”. The new book, written with his magician father, Scott Flom, and aunt and novelist Judy Flom-Hill, is available exclusively through Walmart and “Adventures of a Kid Magician” is the story of how the main character Zach uses magic to get him in and out of trouble, as he learns life’s lessons. Along with Zach’s stories and eye-catching sketches, each chapter includes a secret magic code, which takes the reader to an exclusive online video detailing the magic tricks used in that adventure.

This week Justin returned to The TODAY Show to perform some magic and talk about the book.

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During his first appearance on the top-rated TODAY Show, Justin performed several tricks for hosts Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford, including shattering a wine glass right before their eyes.Justin was promoting the now canceled SYFY show Wizard Wars on his first visit to The TODAY Show.

Justin was promoting the now canceled SYFY show Wizard Wars on his first visit to The TODAY Show.

AKM_in_mailbox_249x249In addition to purchasing Adventures of a Kid Magician at Walmart or you can also subscribe to The Adventures of a Kid Magician Box. The AKM Box gives kids the opportunity to learn tricks similar to the ones Zach uses in the book, and as they progress they can learn magic that is even more impressive. Subscribers will receive an AKM Box every month with exciting new tricks to learn and use on friends and family. They will also gain access to a private blog to learn more from other professional magicians like Justin Flom. For more information on the AKM Box please CLICK HERE.


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