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Justin Flom’s Mega-Mix


Justin FlomJustin Flom is an American magician, the host of Wizard Wars, a regular guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show and in 2013, was named Up and Coming Entertainer of the Year by Las Vegas Weekly.

Recently Justin has been showing off his skills with a deck of cards and a music mix that had the crowd screaming for more. He stunned the audience  by revealing correct card numbers to lyrics from Taylor Swift, Queen, The Beatles and more.

Check out this video of Justin Flom’s Megamix (Card Hit Wonder).

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The 29-year-old performed this incredible card trick in front of fans at a recent live show. In the clip, Justin begins by shuffling cards to the Bryan Adams song Summer of 69. He then drops the cards that carry the numbers correlating to the lyric being sang. The song then changes into The Beatles track Eight Days a Week and Justin drops the eight of hearts on the correct lyric once again. Following this the magician shuffles the cards and then drops the two of clubs and the two of spades on the table as Taylor Swift’s song 22 begins to play.

Later in the video Rihanna song Four Five Seconds plays and Justin ups his performance by consecutively dropping three correct cards on the table. He then uses the three of diamonds, which is already on the table, and drops the two of diamonds in front of it as Ed Sheeran track Thinking Out Loud begins to play. The performance suddenly becomes even more impressive when Justin causes the deck of cards to completely disappear. In conjunction with the lyrics to Beyonce’s track Irreplaceable, he points to the box on the camera’s left and pulls the deck of cards from it. Justin Flom - We'll Never Be RoyalsThe video concludes with the magician shuffling the cards some more before producing a royal flush as Lorde’s track Royals plays for the crowd.

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