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Justin Willman & Jillian Sipkins Viral Wedding Videos


Last weekend magician Justin Willman married photographer Jillian Sipkins. Their relationship has been on a slow build for quite a while.

My dad’s reaction. Worth every penny. #JustinTakesASip (? by @ricodlv)

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The couple first laid eyes on each other at Seth Rogen’s Hilarity For Charity benefit in 2012. Jillian, a professional photographer, was shooting the event and Justin was a comedian/magician who was performing that night. With a nod to the Funny Or Die web series turned Comedy Central show “Drunk History,” they recently recounted their history in a video after consuming large quantities of alcohol. Needless to say, that video went viral. As they tell the story, their actor friends can be seen re-enacting the scenes while lip-syncing their slurred dialogue.

Of course, something like this would be enough for most couples but Justin and Jillian had to top it. That’s exactly what they did at their wedding with their amazing first dance. At the reception, the newlyweds danced to the classic song “I Put a Spell On You”, by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, which of course was fitting. “We practiced for about a week and a half,” Justin reporteed. “Every other day for an hour or two. Neither of us has ever really danced before. My lack of experience is quite evident, Jill was able to fake it well.” Watch Justin’s father jump up in amazement at the end of the dance.

Justin later said; “The big move at the end was accomplished with a combination of magic and a few thousand sit-ups…We’ll leave it at that.”

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