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The World Needs Magic – LOSANDER


LosanderIn the 21st Century you cannot have a discussion about the Art of Magic without discussing Dirk Losander. That’s because in the world of magic, Losander is one name that is synonymous with the Art of Levitation. He is renowned across the continents, and has performed his magic in the finest venues from Europe to Asia and from The Americas to Australia. He has been featured at the internationally famed Magic Castle in Hollywood and in The World’s Greatest Magic Show in Las Vegas. In 2006 Losander received the Milbourne Christopher Award as Illusionist of The Year and Notable Contributions to The Art of Magic.

Losander possesses the ability to magically float various objects on stage, and is considered a specialist in the art of levitation and animation.

Photo by Christopher DeVargas

Photo by Christopher DeVargas

Dirk Losander was born on April 10, 1969, and grew up in Winkels, Hessen, Germany. He first took interest in magic at the age of eight years old, when his grandfather had a friend who was a female magician. She taught him the fundamentals of magic and young Losander has never looked back.

Having short hair and glasses, Losander wanted to reinvent himself. He wanted to portray a modern wizard for his stage acts, so he ditched the glasses, grew out his hair and donned a long overcoat.

He created the new classic, “Floating Table” and this illusion changed how people performed levitation the 21st century. The Floating table inspired by magic legend Tommy Wonder’s floating birdcage effect. Losander also learned a great deal from Finn Jon and Salvano. Today, Losander’s effects have been incorporated into many top magicians’ repertoire, including David Copperfield.

Losander floats tables to inspire others. “The main purpose behind my magic is showing people that anything is possible. I want people to see my table, and then think about their own lives, and realize that just because something seems impossible doesn’t mean that it can’t happen later. Change is possible.”

Losander has also developed a myriad of other levitating routines involving various objects, including his popular manipulation of bubbles and his most recent invention, “Esquisite” an illusion he developed in conjunction with Michael Ammar. In this illusion, Losander levitates the wine glass of a member of the audience…even if the glass still has wine in it.
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Jason Van Sickel and Dal Sanders continue working on the documentary titled THE WORLD NEEDS MAGIC. This documentary will celebrate The Art of Magic and how The Society of American Magicians has helped to elevate and advance that art.

Executive Producer: Dal Sanders

Producer/Director/Editor: Jason Van Sickel Graphics:

Marc Rouse & Chris Marrs

Special thanks to The S.A.M. Magic Endowment Fund for helping get this project started



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