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Magic Castle Matriarch Passes Away

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Irene Larsen 1The Magic Compass is sorry to announce the sudden passing of The Princess of Magic, Irene Larsen. We have confirmed that she passed away peacefully this morning at her home at Brookledge.

Irene was The International Ambassador and Co-Founder of the Academy of Magical Arts, The Magic Castle. She was AMA member #1 and was a past President of the AMA Board of Directors and member of the Board of Trustees, she served on virtually every committee over the years.

Irene LarsenShe was born in Steuhlingen, Germany near Siegfried Fischbacher (although never met him until years later). Irene’s career in magic started by chance when she attended a magic show in Germany and was asked on stage by magician John Daniel. One year later she arrived in America, married Daniel and became involved with Owen Magic Supreme, a manufacturer of magic products. She toured the school circuit with Daniel and after that, with Daniel and Bob Towner. She later married Bill Larsen Jr. after performing with him on “The Dean Martin Show” with Orson Welles.

From the Castle’s earliest days, Irene and her husband, AMA President for Life, Bill Larsen Jr., spent each evening greeting guests as they walked through the doors, a practice she frequently continued, right up until her untimely death.

Irene LarsenIrene was also an ardent animal activist who referred to herself as “The Animal Police” within the magic community, ensuring that all performers who included animals in their acts treated them with dignity and respect. In Genii: The International Conjurers Magazine, the monthly publication that she co-edited for many years with Bill, Irene posted tips in nearly every issue on how to correctly care for animals in their acts.
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Irene was a driving force behind the AMA’s international reputation. She insisted that Genii be referred to as The International Conjurers Magazine to be inclusive of magicians worldwide and attended magic conventions around the globe to promote both the AMA and the magazine. In 2015 we saw Irene in Italy at F.I.S.M. and at MAGIC-Live in Las Vegas.

Genii CoverIrene made everyone she met feel special. She would often share her time and conversation with total strangers whom she had nothing in common with outside of a mutual love for the art of magic

Irene is survived by her children; Dante (Blaire), Heidi and Erika Larsen, and four grandchildren, Liberty, Lily and Liam Larsen and Jessica Hopkins as well as her brother in law, Milt Larsen.
The family has asked that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to Last Chance for Animals (LCA), or any animal welfare organization of your choice.

For more information, here is a related article from Los Angeles Magazine.

  1. Tammy Calvert says:

    I will always remember your words to me when John passed away. “He is in a much better place”. Now you are too. RIP IRENE

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