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Magic Duo Turn To ABC’s Shark Tank For Funding



Jarrett & on Shark TankShark Tank is serious business. That’s because there’s big money and reputations on the line. If there is anything that could have put a smile on the faces of the usually no-nonsense Sharks, it should have been Jarrett Parker and Raja Rahman (also known as “The Magic and Piano Guys”).

JARRETT & RAJA have entertained audiences worldwide with their amazing and unique blend of magic, music and comedy. They are famous for their numerous appearances on television. Now the two want to take their show to the next level with their own production company, Jarret and Raja Productions. Then they want to take their show to one of the casinos of the Las Vegas Strip.

They have performed live all over the world, from New York’s Lincoln Center to the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland to the circus show Voyage de la Vie in Singapore, according to the bio on the act’s website. But even if you’ve never been to one of those cities, you may have caught Jarrett & Raja on TV. The magic duo has been seen on NBC’s #1 hit show, “America’s Got Talent” as semi-finalists and Howie Mandel’s favorite Wild Card pick in season 7 where they produced a full orchestra on stage. They also appeared in SyFy’s “Wizard Wars” with Penn & Teller, BBC’s “The Slammer”, and The CW’s “Masters of Illusion”.

They are already familiar to Las Vegas audiences. The guys co-starred in “America’s Got Talent LIVE” at The Palazzo Las Vegas in 2013, where 5 of the TV show’s most popular acts comprised the lineup produced by Fremantle Media. They also held a residency at The Regent Hotel in Summerlin and could also be seen at the “Golden Rainbow” shows in Las Vegas.

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They were asking The Sharks for $750,000 for 40% equity in the show. The pitch found the duo sharing a small sample of their show “Miracles.” Their magic and music infused show was incredible and unlike anything seen on Shark Tank before. The sharks seemed impressed and they wanted to know if there was a venue secured. The guys explained that it is solely up to the headliner to promote and put the show together. In other words, the act and its investors have to Four-Wall their showroom in Las Vegas. This isn’t anything new in Las Vegas but it isn’t easily understood by most people who are used to paying the talent for their services.

Jarrett & Raja on Shark TankThey have a venue in mind but they need to pay the rent. O’Leary believed they should be doing more than one show a day. Herjavec felt that there is a younger demographic going to Vegas and that’s why the venues aren’t willing to invest in the shows. Herjavec says the act is great but there are 11 other acts. He wants to know why theirs is difference and the guys say they wish to be the next Siegfried and Roy.

Cuban said it’s a great show but he has produced a lot of movies and it’s difficult to get the audience. He pulls out of the deal. Corcoran said it’s a scary and wild bet and pulls out. Herjavec said he would feel more comfortable if they were more of a brand. He said it’s virtually impossible for them to make money they way they are doing it and pulls out. O’Leary also pulls out of the deal. Greiner is thinking that they should take their act outside of Vegas. Greiner says she loves what they are doing however, they are focusing on the wrong market and she pulled out.

Unfortunately, Jarrett and Raja went home without a deal. However, they are working on another deal with a crowdfunding page. They plan to launch Finding Magic, a monthly show series at their studio where at-risk kids are invited to watch an hour long show and participate in a workshop. Check out the program in this YouTube video.

Your pledges will help build and maintain a small theatre in their warehouse where once a month, Jarrett & Raja will produce free shows for charities that target homeless and at-risk kids in Las Vegas. Not only will the kids watch an amazing magic show with monthly guest performers from the Las Vegas strip, but they will also be taught magic tricks that they can perform on their own. You can help make this make this bit of magic happen by clicking here.

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