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Magic Fools A Monkey


Orangutan MagicWe have written about how dogs react to magic and we have even seen videos of the bored intolerance that cats show when witnessing a magic trick but how would an animal more similar to a human react.

An orangutan was sitting on the floor behind the glass of his exhibit at the Barcelona Zoo when a visitor surprised him with a magic trick. A bystander recorded the stunt on video and posted it to YouTube this past Monday (December 7th). In just two days that video has already received over 400,000 views.

The magician is not really very good and his methods will be obvious to most viewers but he easily captured the Great Ape’s attention when he placed a chestnut into a foam cup. He then put the lid on the cup and shook it. While shaking it he lowered the cup out of the view of the orangutan to do the “dirty work”. When the man brings the cup back into the ape’s view and removes the top, he shows that the chestnut has vanished.
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At first the primate seemed stunned and confused. Then as the trick sank in, he burst out in hysterical laughter. The monkey’s mouth was wide open and he fell over backwards with legs in the air as he continued to laugh. The magician and camera operator also start to laugh as they watch the monkey roll around on the ground covering himself in hay. It is clear that the art of magic gained a new fan that day.

Orangutan MagicHere at The Magic Compass we are trying to confirm a rumor that the seven year old ape has asked for a magic kit for Christmas and plans to star in his own showroom in Vegas someday. Zoo keepers have confirmed that all of the magic books in the zoo library have been checked out.

Of course, when the orangutan grows up he will not remember the name of that magician but he will credit him for changing his life forever.

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