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Magic in Advertising


Justin Flom in Coca-Cola AdThe Coca Cola Corporation is well known for making their products look and feel fun and these days there seems to be nothing more fun than magic. Because of this, Coke has enlisted a magician to promote its new packaging with a sleight of hand as part of a marketing shift which will see the brand tag lined as ‘Taste the Magic’.

The ad was created by the Argentinean agency David and directed by Martín Romanella for Argentina Cine. The ad is named “Taste the Magic,” and it begins when a waiter approaches a table that’s ordered several Coca-Colas. A woman tells him she didn’t order a regular Coke. No problem! Before her eyes, he transforms it into a Coca-Cola Zero. This is no ordinary waiter. This is Justin Flom, a Las Vegas magician and social media star.

Another customer at the table responds exactly the way that anyone surprised by the unexpected miracle would as he blurts out, “Do it again!”

Flom uses sleight of hand to turn Coca-Cola Orignal into Coke Zero, Coca-Cola Light and Coca-Cola Life. While these some of these brands are not common in The United States, they are well known overseas. For instance, Coca Cola Light is better known as Diet Coke in the US.
Flom finishes by vanishing a bottle of regular Coke in a paper bag only to make it materialize in another customer’s handbag.

The TV campaign will air across five continents as part of the drinks giants’ ‘one brand’ strategy.
All of the tricks are performed entirely with no camera tricks. On his own social media Flom talks about how all of the magic could be performed live. He also describes how he and his team actually developed more magic than they could fit into the commercial time allotted. Watch the rest of Flom’s Coke transformations here.
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In 2009 Coca-Cola aired another magic-themed campaign they called “Share The Magic”. That campaign however, employed camera magic and fantasy stories that could never be performed live.

Coca-Cola: Share The Magic – 2009 Commercial from Mike L. Murphy on Vimeo.

As product ads go, the new Justin Flom campaign is a effective way to introduce and describe the variety of Coca-Cola products in a memorable way. As a creative effort, employing a time honored method of entertainment is just a clever way to infuse magic back into a popular brand.

The spot will air in five continents, accompanied by social media and print media, experiential marketing, and product sampling.

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