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MAGIC Magazine’s Grand Finale


Stan AllenStan Allen, editor of MAGIC Magazine, has officially announced his retirement and the two-year going away party that goes with it. “I’m excited to do things I have always wanted to do, but couldn’t do before with a standard magazine,” says Stan. “We are going to break a few rules and shake things up a bit — it should be fun.”

MAGIC Legacy will only be available in print, and will also come with exclusive bonuses, including a full deck of gimmicked cards. These special issues are only available by subscription and even the ship dates will be a surprise. All we know is that 25 issues will be shipped by August 2018 (the next MAGIC Live and the conclusion of this two-year celebration).

Justin Willman talked to Stan Allen at MAGIC Live right after the big announcement and dug a little deeper into why Stan is doing Legacy issues and what we can expect.

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Legacy- with MAGIC CoversAll subscribers will also get an exclusive Legacy Deck. This is not just a cool deck of cards. It is a deck of 52 specially gaffed cards. The gaffed cards and the routines that go with them alone have a higher retail value than the cost of MAGIC Legacy. Readers will also have a chance to submit trick ideas for the gaffs that could possibly be included in one of the final issues.

MAGIC Legacy has a cover price of $10 per issue, making it $250 for the complete set in the U.S. But if you sign up today you can get the Early Bird Special of only $140. If you like, you can even split that into four payments of $35. Plus the first 10,000 subscribers get a free gift.

To subscribe now, CLICK HERE.

  1. Please advise what the procedures are to set up the $35 payments.

  2. Keith Byers says:

    Is this available in Canada? For the same price?

    • There is a Canada rate of $195 for the early bird price. You can still put down a deposit.

      • Keith Byers says:

        In Canada do you get all the same things as in the U.S.? I thought I noticed a comment regarding there might be something that you get in the U.S. that could be different to the rest of the world.

  3. Barry Matas says:

    My Square One arrived today. That is much faster than I expected. The articles are great. Thank you for your hard work, I will miss Magic Magazine!

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