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Magic Tricks Instead of Treats for Halloween


DISCOVER MAGIC Creates a NEW Halloween Treat — It’s a Trick!

Have you ever noticed that when kids say, “Trick or Treat” at Halloween all they ever get is candy? Why doesn’t anyone ever give those children tricks? Wouldn’t it be great if the Halloween prizes at your house actually shared an introduction to the Art of Magic? Well this year that will change. This year you can give away awesome new MAGIC tricks that can build confidence and not rot teeth.

Discover Magic has created an original line of 8 mini magic kits that YOU can give out this Halloween to trick or treaters instead of candy and they are asking for help to make it a reality! This project is being launched on Kickstarter. To check it out and support Tricks Instead of TreatsPLEASE CLICK HERE.

SECRET BONUS FOR MAGICIANS — Add 88¢ to any of the Kickstarter Tricks Instead of Treats reward levels and youu will recieve a special magic surprise.

The tricks are comparable to buying candy and perfect for ages as low as three, PLUS, they are designed to empower kids building their confidence and communication skills! Most magicians start their careers in magic as children, wouldn’t it be great if the magic stars of tomorrow got the start to their careers at your doorstep.

The 8 mini magic kits come in assorted bags so kids can collect all 8 packets. You can get yours on Kickstarter NOW before time runs out. The tricks are comparable to buying candy and perfect for ages as low as three, PLUS, they are designed to empower kids building their confidence and communication skills!

Two of the tricks are simple enough for a three year old to perform. “The Vanishing Elephant” for example is an update of the old “Vanishing Leprechaun”. There are two others that are still easy but probably better for 4 years and up. The other 4 Mini Magic Tricks are designed for 7 and up. (One requires simple spelling and one requires simple addition. The “Funny Fortune Teller” is the old Calculator cards trick simplified and made fun!

Tricks Instead of Treats Details

Size: They are about the size of a pack of collectable cards. (3″ by 4″)
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Packaging: Tricks are sold in assorted bags (a bag of 72 tricks has all 8 tricks in it)

Cost: a bag of 72 is $18 with free shipping in the US. (higher quantities get them under .20 each.)

Where to buy: Currently available only on Kickstarter from June 22nd to July 27th

Delivery: Discover Magic is shooting for first week in October.

Discover Magic is a one of a kind program. Internationally recognized and created by some of the top magicians of our time. In this course kids are given top secret file folders, custom tricks with full color instructions. Tricks you won’t find anywhere else.

Thanks for your support spreading the word about the benefits of teaching kids the art of magic.

  1. Kat businger says:

    Are you selling these? I would love to buy some for my students. Would make perfect Holliday gifts

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