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Magician Dan White Guests on The Tonight Show


The Tonight Show has been an American television institution for almost 60 years, “The Tonight Show” continues to be a home to big-name celebrity guests and a stage for top musical and comedic talent. Johnny Carson set the standard for the show. He was funny, intelligent and a wonderful host. He also loved magic and was an accomplished magician himself. As one of the most powerful people in television, Johnny Carson gave a tremendous boost to the popularity of magic by often featuring a magician on his program. In fact, for several years running, Johnny Carson’s New Year’s Eve show featured Lance Burton.

Taking a cue from his unforgettable predecessor, Fallon carries on the tradition of featuring magicians. It’s clear from the ratings that this is something that audiences enjoy and respond to. Some of those magicians include Penn & Teller, Dan White and David Blaine (who regurgitated a live frog on the show) but magician Fallon has featured the most is Dan White.

Dan White has been performing magic since he was 10 years old. He is the star of The Magician at New York City’s NoMad Hotel and previously starred in the Discovery Channel special The Supernaturalist and the Travel Channel series White Magic. He has also served as a magic consultant for David Copperfield, David Blaine and Kanye West.

Dan has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon several times and Fallon refers to him as his favorite magician. That being said, Fallon always seems uncomfortable when White is on the show. He knows he’s going to be fooled and he’s going to be fooled badly.

Early in the show, Scarlett Johansson revealed that she loved magic during an interview to promote her latest movie Ghost In The Shell. Dan White came out and amazed her with a card trick. As surprised as she was, Jimmy Fallon’s response as a spectator was priceless.
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Later in the show, Dan White performed magic with three books that involved an audience member, The Roots and Jimmy’s “Very Nice Shoe”.

As he does every time he is on the show, Dan White totally fries Jimmy Fallon. Is it any wonder that Fallon calls Dan White his “Favorite Magician”?

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