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Magician Fools Dogs…Again


Jose Ahonen - Magic For DogsJose Ahonen is a Finnish magician and mentalist that woke up one morning and asked himself “How would a dog react to magic?” The answer is both hilarious and a little sad. The result was a series of YouTube videos that went Viral. Now he’s out with a new video of Magic for Dogs. This is the GoPro Edition. The dogs seem thoroughly confused when the treats vanished from in front of their noses The dogs reacted by checking the ground, sniffing the hands or just resorting to barking.

Just in case you were one of the 13 people that did NOT see the original video, here is Ahonen making dog treats disappear right under these dogs’ noses in a studio. Don’t worry, though, he notes that “all the dogs got treats before and after the trick” was performed. It seems everyone wins from this one!

Here is the English version of the video…not that dogs understand the magic in English any easier than in Finnish.

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With their trusting eyes and desire to please their owners, dogs in many ways represent a perfect audience for a magician. In this final video Jose Ahonen, a cross between Dynamo and Cesar Millan, magic to make a treat levitate in front of the dogs’ eyes.

Recently his experiments have not just focused on dogs. In this new video Jose Ahonen explores how farm animals react to magic. In this video he almost lost a finger to an aggressive pig.

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