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Magician Impales TV Host’s Hand on Spike


WARNING…This article contains graphic visuals.

Połoniewicz Performs Spiker on Live TelevisionA Polish morning television host hit the nail on the head, or in this case her hand, after the demonstration of a magic trick doesn’t go as planned.

Illusionist Marcin Połoniewicz was a finalist for Poland’s got talent. Recently appeared on the Polish Saturday morning television show “Pytanie Na Sniadanie,” which translates to “Question For Breakfast.”

Połoniewicz fails when performing Spiker illusionHis question to host Marzena Rogalska was “Will you risk impaling your hand on a nail?” She agreed, with a touch of reluctance. So he put a sharp nail into a paper bag, placed it alongside three other paper bags, shuffled the bags and then slammed his own hand on one of them. Of course, he was fine.

Then it was Rogalska’s turn. She wasn’t, however, given a choice. Połoniewicz seemed to choose a bag for her and slammed her hand on the bag with the spike. Marzena Rogalska started screaming, because in her hand struck a nail.

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Rogalska was taken to hospital where she was treated for what was termed a “superficial” wound and given a tetanus shot.

Marzena Rogalska screams as Połoniewicz impales her hand on spikeShe is fine and the incident has turned made her rather popular on Facebook. Almost half a million people have seen the video and recently she posted in which she stands with her co-presenter and, astonishingly, Połoniewicz. She explains that the wound was superficial and that she didn’t even have to have stitches. She says that she’s extremely upset with the negative response that the illusionist has recieved. “He didn’t mean for this to happen,” she says. She asks in Polish for “mniej hate-u,” which means “less hate.”

If you speak polish we apologize for the language that Połoniewicz uses when he realizes what’s happened.

The TVP channel issued a statement that said the trick had been performed many times before and worked fine during rehearsals.

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