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Magician Reunites Military Family


Magician Randy Kalin is currently performing 3 shows a day on the Kid’s Stage at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, Missouri. On Sunday, August 12th Randy surprised a Sedalia Military Family by magically reuniting them with their Mother who had been on deployment. U.S. Navy Boatswain’s Mate Nicole Moore hadn’t seen her children Keilanni, 5, or Nobel, 4, or her husband Nobel Moore Jr. in almost a year. Moore is assigned to the aircraft carrier USS Bunker Hill.

Randy began by performing an American Flag Illusion for Moore’s children. He then enlisted comic singer Jim “Mr. Stinky Feet” Cosgrove to help him with a large screen that was serving as a backdrop.

They showed one side of the screen and then the other Then they closed the screen for just a moment. When they opened it again, Nicole Moore was standing there with her arms outstretched to her children. Click Here to see the video of the production.

As Moore was revealed on stage to the audience and her children, her daughter ran to her first, then her son. She embraced them and held them close. All three were smiling. Moore was also met by her husband Noble Moore Jr., his father Noble Moore Sr., her sister-in-law Tara Colter-Lappat, nephew Nikolas Lappat and aunt May Lappat.
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Moore said before the show that she had been on deployment and it was one day shy of 11 months since she’d last seen her children. She said being able to come home meant “the world.”

“To be able to come home and surprise the kids, I mean this is definitely a dream come true,” she added. “I’ve watched the surprise homecoming videos, even before I joined the military … It’s definitely a dream come true to be able to make this a reality, not only for myself but for my children.”

Her husband noted after the reveal that it meant “everything” to have her home.

  1. Good work, Randy and welcome home BM Moore.

  2. Elton Rayburn Sr. says:

    Nice Randy and welcome back Nicole !

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