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Michael Carbonaro Visits The TODAY Show


Michael Carbonaro 1Maybe you are witnessing the truly impossible, like seeing the woman you are interviewing with turn into a man, or seeing a store clerk rehydrate “freeze dried” baby chicks and seeing them come back to life or somehow your driver’s license has mysteriously changed places with the person behind you. Maybe you are going crazy…Or you may be experiencing The Carbonaro Effect. It happens when you meet Michael Carbonaro and his hidden television crew performing magic for his truTV show. Unlike most magicians, Michael doesn’t let you know he’s performing or that you’re watching a magic illusion take place, you think it’s real. That is exactly what makes his show, The Carbonaro Effect, so much stand out from all the other shows out there.

Michael CarbonaroThe basic concept behind the show is not new. If you’re old enough or nostalgic enough to remember Candid Camera, or any of the prank based shows that have aired since, then you already know it’s fun watching unsuspecting people get fooled into believing insane things. But Candid Camera pulled straight up pranks, and the viewer at home knew how it was all happening. On The Carbonaro Effect Michael fools unsuspecting people into believing the unbelievable with his own sleight of hand and close up magic, and the people at home are also fooled because they have NO IDEA how Michael creates his effects.

Because of this, Michael Carbonaro is has become one of the hottest magicians in the world today. He is the star of the popular Tru-TV series, “The Carbonaro Effect” and he is preparing to mount a national tour to showcase his magic. This morning he joined The TODAY Show to talk about his show and to try out some of his mind-blowing tricks.

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Carbonaro’s love of magic goes way back. As a kid he went to Tannen’s Magic Camp, joined the S.Y.M. and worked his way through college by performing private magic parties every weekend. While at NYU, he added performance and stand up skills, but he considered pursuing acting full-time instead because of what he called a ‘complicated’ relationship with magic. “I had this love hate relationship with magic; magic can sometimes be a bad word,” he said, adding, “a lot of people think of their dumb uncle or some stupid clown that they saw. They don’t really know that magic can be super skilled and super wonderful.”

Michael CarobnaroMoving to Los Angeles actually inspired and enhanced Michael’s love of the art. “There’s so much variety art going on in LA that I just think people are hungry for it. There are tons of opportunities for live performances. From the Magic Castle and the friends I’ve made there I’m absolutely performing more magic than I ever have.”

The Carbonaro Effect gives Michael the chance to combine all three of his interests– acting, comedy, and magic, to convince unsuspecting people, that impossible things have just happened.

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