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Michael Giles Needs Financial Magic


michael-giles-melanieMichael Giles is a master illusionist who, along with his wife Melanie, has brought joy and wonder to audiences around the world. Now he is in need of some financial magic. Michael Giles needs your help. Michael has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer, and it has spread to his liver and possibly his spine. Not only is Michael in for the fight of his life, he and Melanie are facing severe, mounting medical expenses.

CLICK HERE to go to Michael Giles’ Magical Medical Fund Page.

michael-and-melanie-giles-1As most entertainers know, it is not easy to get health insurance in our industry. You can help Michael and Melanie by going to his Go Fund Me page and making a contributuion. Any amount helps. It all adds up but the bills are also adding up. Please help Michael and Melanie fight. Give this amazing man a chance.

If you don’t already know Michael, here is some background information. His talents and achievements have forged a career to stardom and he has performed to standing ovations in over 16 countries across 6 continents. He has accrued accolades, awards, and worldwide recognition, earning the distinction of an impressive cover story in Magic Magazine. Michael has also been featured on the covers of Las Vegas’ What’s On, “Vegas” magazine, and dozens more. He has starred on a multitude of global television shows including Disney’s Magic and Beyond, and highlighting this merit with multiple appearances on NBC’S, “World’s Greatest Magic”, as well as The CW’s Masters of Illusion. For the past several years he has been touring with the LIVE Masters of Illusion show.

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As a young boy, Michael’s passion for magic was undeniable and by the time he was 12, he was already entertaining audiences. With his commitment to the art of magic, he trained endless hours perfecting his skills and creating innovative feats that have inspired the magic world. Soon, Michael was discovered by the world renown, Magic Castle in Hollywood, where his impressive performance at the historical venue launched his career and placed Michael at international performance and competition levels while winning numerous coveted awards such as, “Stage Magician of the Year” and “Best Magic Show”.

masters-of-illusion-6Michael Giles’ Magical Medical Fund has reached 50% of its goal. Michael and Melanie are thankful for  all of their friends that have contributed so far! They are half way there  so please go to the page, give what you can and then share this article on all your social media channels.

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