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Patrick Stewart and James Corden Fail as Magicians


Patrick Stewart and James CordenPatrick Stewart appeared on the Late Late Show with James Corden on Tuesday night to perform some magic. The actor and host “resurrected their  obviously nonexistent 1987 Blackpool act Cosmagification” (the combination of the words “cosmic” and “magificiation”). After watching this segment, both should definitely stick with their day jobs, and Stewart should probably lose his knighthood.

Both Stewart and Corden, decked out in shiny magician outfits, commit to making this as ridiculous as possible. There are pyrotechnics, dramatic gasps and an assistant in a sequined hat. For those of us that appreciate the art of magic, it was humiliating.

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Stewart and Corden asked for a volunteer to participate in their main attraction: sawing an audience member in half. “And Brandi we have never met before,” Corden said to the volunteer. “I haven’t told you my name yet,” Brandi replied. At least the duo didn’t freak out after their illusions didn’t go exactly as desired, real goofs or planned.

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