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Penn & Teller on The Tonight Show


Penn & Teller on The Tonight Show With Jimmy FallonDid you happen to catch Penn & Teller on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night?

The duo was originally scheduled to appear a couple of weeks ago when Fallon had to cancel due to injuring his hand. On Tuesday night they put a fresh spin on the cliché magic trick, “Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat”. Of course, they performed the trick with the kind of irreverence and skill that have made the pair a Las Vegas mainstay for the past 15 years.


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Before pulling the rabbit out of a hat, Penn explains the long history of the trick, which originates in France in the 19th century. However, despite “pulling a rabbit out of a hat” being a cliché of magic, Jillette notes that few people have actually seen the trick be done in person. “It’s really hard magic. It’s wicked hard,” Jillette says, adding that the anachronistic nature of top hats have aided in the disappearance of the magic trick.

Penn and Teller then show how the trick has evolved: Instead of a hat, the rabbit appears behind a large handkerchief, and instead of a real rabbit, magicians use a spring puppet with fur on it (think a bunny “Rocky Raccoon”) which is both humane and capable of fooling audience members. Penn and Teller then wrap up their Tonight Show visit by pulling a real rabbit out of a real top hat.

Penn and Teller on Broadway concludes its Great White Way run on August 16th.

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