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Penn’s Wife Saves A Life


Penn & Emily JilletteWhile Penn pulls off death defying feats every night performing as one half of the duo Penn And Teller, Penn’s wife Emily did some real magic of her own by saving the life of a badly injured surfer hurt on rocks in Hawaii. She found the blood-soaked man as she went for a walk on the beach near her hotel on the island of Kona as she got ready to take part in a golf tournament.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Emily said “An experienced surfer wouldn’t go out there alone. His head and face were covered in blood, and he was lying on his back. It was surreal because it didn’t seem likely that I’d find someone who was injured and wasn’t being helped. His eyes were closed tight, and he had a deep gash over his brow.”

She rushed over to help the man, and got in touch with emergency services so he could be taken to hospital. She also stayed with him until he received treatment and helped to contact the surfer’s wife who soon arrived, and began crying when she saw her husband being bandaged up and taken to hospital. Emily said, “I don’t know what happened after that but can only hope they were OK, and if they were delayed a day or two going home, at least he was alive and I’d found him.”
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The Jillette Family and TellerEmily has been married to Penn since 2004, and they have a daughter Moxie, 10, and nine-year-old son Zolten together.

Click Here to read the full article in the Las Vegas Sun.

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