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Piff Moves To AGT Finals


Piff-the-Magic-Dragon-Americas-Got-Talent-SemifinalsPiff The Magic Dragon’s unique brand of deadpan comedy and magic once again “slayed” the judges on Tuesday’s America’s Got Talent Semifinals. Piff is the magician-comedian who, some say, wears a dragon costume. We have to note however that he actually claims to be a REAL magic performing dragon that performs naked. His sidekick, a dog named Mr. Piffles, is really a dog in a dragon costume.

When Neil Patrick Harris was a guest judge he used the Golden Buzzer pick during the Judge Cuts round to move Piff to the semifinals. All four judges felt his semifinal performance should have won him a spot in next week’s finals. We are happy to announce that fans of AGT voted Piff into the finals and he will compete against magician Derek Hughes and mentalist Oz Pearlman next week. That means that for the second year in a row the America’s Got Talent Finals will include three different magic acts. Season Nine’s finalists included David and Leeman, Mike Super and Mat Franco who won the contest.

So, what did Piff pull off this time? Well, it’s actually hard to explain. It involved a toaster, multiple card tricks, and an unexpected “trip” to Las Vegas to pick up Mr. Piffles. The judges were left both entertained and amazed, and they all gave a standing ovation.

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“Sir, you’re not only a dragon, but you slay. And that’s what every comic should be doing,” said Howie Mandel.” You make us laugh, you leave us in wonder… I believe you can make it to the finals. You are brilliant, you’re one of my favorites, really.”

Howard Stern said, “Let’s talk finals. Now we’re cookin’. I told you I wanna see Gary the comedian in the finals; the second act of the night I wanna see in the finals is Piff the Magic Dragon.” He went on to tell the contestant, “You were bringing your A game tonight. For me, you’ve got to go to the next level. America must vote for you. You’re phenomenal.” America DID vote for Piff…Now we will see what happens next week.

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