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Quiet Masters Speak Loudly

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Quiet Masters BannnerWe are pleased to announce the completion of the documentary series “QUIET MASTERS – THE HISTORY AND RELEVANCE OF THE BLACK MAGICAL ARTIST”.

This documentary contains important historical facts, an unprecedented cast and dynamic interviews from black magicians from around the world. Witness their journey as they tell stories of their struggles and triumphs. Audiences will learn about artists like Henry “BOX” Brown, a slave who mailed himself to freedom; Fetaque Sanders, who excelled in magic during some of America’s darkest times; Ellen E. Armstrong from the first family of black magicians; and Richard Potter, who was born to a slave and her master, becoming the first American born professional magician.

Ice Interview QM 2Quiet Masters was produced and directed by Master Magician Kenrick ICE McDonald. On July 3, 2014, Kenrick ICE McDonald made history himself by becoming the first African-American National President of the Society of American Magicians, in the organization’s 112 year history. The Society of American Magicians founded in 1902, is the oldest and most prestigious magic organization in the world.

“It brings me joy to expose and introduce to the world the rich history of the Great Black Magicians of the past, and also introduce them to some of the today’s Great Black Magical Artists. This project took eighteen months and over fifty interviews to complete” says, Executive Producer Kenrick Ice McDonald. McDonald states that this documentary is like no other presentation on the black magical experience.

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Quiet Masters Sneak peek 2 from Kenrick Ice McDonald on Vimeo.

The artists in this documentary include: Goldfinger and Dove, Ice McDonald, The Evasons, Phelston Jones, Benjamin Barnes, Rory Rennick, Kid Ace, Jamahl Keyes, Victor and Diamond, Chris Capehart, Meeka Diane, Hiawatha Johnson Jr., Eric Jones, Tevell Rose, Eric Redman, William Watt, Michael Vincent, Ran’D Shine, Victoria Bey, Eric Anderson, Sukuma Avery, Mondre and many others.

Updates will soon be available at

For more information please contact Ice Storm’s Representative Maxwell Vann at or call 310-559-8968

  1. Paul Critelli says:

    WOW. Again, I say, WOW. If the film is one one-thousandth as good and captivating and GOT TO SEE IT NOW as the trailer, I WILL be bingeing that for the duration! SHOW ME MORE! Paul C

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