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R.I.P. Abb Dickson


Abb DicksonAbb Dickson has passed away after a long illness. Dickson was well known as a magician, a comic, an illusionist, an actor, a producer and most of all, a force of nature. He is known known for his work on the films Malibu Express (1985), Picasso Trigger (1988) and The Brass Ring (1975). For decades he was a familiar face at The Abbot’s Get Together in Colon, MI the Texas Association of Magicians (TAOM) and many other conventions. Soon he would build a friendship with some of the funniest magicians on the planet including Duke Stern and Karrell Fox. He would often perform with them in sketches that lampooned magicians at magic conventions across the United States.

Born in Atlanta to Pope Dickson and Edith Donahon Dickson. His father owned a funeral home and his mother was the personal secretary to President Roosevelt and Truman. Abb became interested in the art of magic at the age of ten after seeing a school show magician. He started doing comedy magic in his senior year in high school and went full time professional in 1970 performing as a magician at Six Flags Over Georgia.


Caracature of Abb Dickson by Max Maven

In time he would tour the United States, Canada, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico with his own “Presto!” illusion show that included a crew of thirty. The show toured from 1975 to 1986 and featured 39 large stage illusions, including one that was traditionally known as “The Disembodied Princess”. Dickson had first heard of that particular trick after seeing a photo of it being performed by Orson Welles (with his second wife, Rita Hayworth, assisting) during a USO show in Hollywood in the ’40s. In time, it became one of Dickson’s favorite illusions. This show would lead to a lifetime friendship with Orson Welles and he would appear in 8 Welles films and as an actor or magician in 5 other films. To read more about the friendship between Orson Welles and Abb Dickson, PLEASE CLICK HERE.
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Abb Dickson on the Cover of GENII MagazineAbb Dickson would be featured on the cover of GENII Magazine in 1989 and the Genii in the corner was given Abb’s face. In 1997 Abb was featured on the cover of THE LINKING RING when he became the International President of The International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Dickson would later specialize in trade shows but he also created special effects for several Star Wars films and the original Superman franchise. He also created some of the exhibits in the World of Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta. His broad life experience, understanding of human nature and psychology coupled with his love of comedy and magical creativity led to his demand as a consultant to many major corporations for their advertising campaigns and product launches.

Even then, Abb always found time to perform magic, often for children that needed magic in their lives. Abb was a man with one of the biggest hearts in the world of entertainment and unfortunately, he passed away without the funds to pay for his funeral. If you would like to know more or contribute to the crowd-funding efforts to pay for his funeral, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

  1. Alan Kanter says:

    I met Abb at a Chicago Collector’s Convention in 1988. This was the first Collector’s Convention I ever attended. Abb welcomed me with open arms and I was grateful to have the pleasure to meet him. We never did meet nor talk again. Wish we had. RIP Abb! You were special to me!

  2. Abb and I were friends and lived near each other growing up. RIP Abb

  3. Linda Hancock Daugherty says:

    SO Sorry To Hear about my High School Friend! May He Rest in Peace. Sincerely, Linda Hancock Daugherty

  4. Jerry Driver says:

    God bless the family.

  5. Knutty frye says:

    Rest In Peace Abby. You will be missed by many including me.

  6. Richard Greeno says:

    You will always be remembered as a good friend and fellow magician. May you always rest in peace, my fruend.

  7. Patrisha says:

    Great article but so much more left unsaid

  8. Shawna McKellar says:

    May he rest in peace – he was a kind man.

  9. Do you think that Welles thought of himself as an illusionist even when he was working in a medium other than magic, whether it s film or radio? I know that both Jim and Mike feel this way, that Welles was all about pulling off an amazing effect for the viewer.

  10. REID PIERCE says:

    I was in original cast of Presto and toured in the infamous “bus and truck” that started in DC and ended in Omaha . Abb was magic and shared it freely . Miss knowing he is on the planet

  11. Linda Jean Knier says:

    It is 2021. I am just seeing this. So many times I have thought about Ab. We were in the same art class in high school. It was a great class with him and a lot of other older and fun students. I was a freshman. He must have been a Senior. I relished the time spent in there. I recognized great talent even then! His creative genius was inspiring! I recall the incredible 1/2 times for the football games he did for Jonesboro Senior High.
    Sorry to see he has gone on.

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