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The S.A.M. Contest of Magic


SAM Contest of Magic LogoThe Society of American Magicians has added more than the word “experience” to the contest name. They are focused on making this the best experience for contestants and all those attending the convention. The S.A.M. believes that contestants are very important performers in the convention just as the contest is an integral part of the convention.

Congratulations to the first four finalists of the Dr. Paul Critelli Close-Up Contest, Jim Vines, Chris Randall. Syd Beckmann and Merritt Ambrose.

Close Up Contestants

Now YOU get to vote for the final contestant. You will be allowed to vote for one of the two contestants below.

Ed Ripley

Lion Fludd

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Vote for your favorite Close Up Act

Congratulations to the Fr. Cyprian Murray Stage Contest finalists, Jania Taylor, Chris Randall, Jad Elal and Steve Owens.
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Stage Magic Contestants

Now you can select the finalist for the Stage Contest.

Mark Presley

Jonathan Sywulka

SAM contest stage Jonatello from Jonatello on Vimeo.

Nicolas Dutel

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Vote for your favorite Stage Magic Act

Thank you for taking the time to vote.

  1. Nicole Larochelle says:

    Best act never saw an act like this ever. Deserve to win.

  2. Joe Smith says:

    Mark Presley is awesome!

  3. Thanh Pham says:

    Nicolas Dutel was outstandingly talented to the level of his title at the “Quebec Magic Festival”.
    Throughout the well-structured scenario, his routine flowed unmistakably along the magical river.
    Each of his moves was methodically studied & synchronized, thus all appeared motivated & natural. Moves were all chained rhythmically together & were often unpredictably amusing.
    The background music suits in harmony with his attire & reminds me of the “Blues Brothers” movie, it was quite entertaining.

    Unlike Gary Kurtz (who happened to confuse audience with his quick in-hand manipulations), Dutel performed the same Tenkai techniques fluently & in a very relaxing manner, thus he allowed audience to follow sequences & appreciate more of his impressive skills. IMHO, his magical techniques have attained the same level of those renowned magic artists like Gary Kurtz, David Roth, Jeff McBride, Shoot Ogawa, LuChen…

    If I have to perform a Tenkai show in the future, his routine would undeniably remain among the ones that I’ll be inspired of.

    All in all, S.A.M. would miss a big talent, if his candidacy was not retained.

  4. Denis leftakis says:

    I know Nicolas for more than ten years and i have seen his evolution as one of the very impressive up and coming magician. Wow I love ” l’horloger “

  5. Jean Vincelette says:

    Well done : a magical and poetical story, captivating from the beginning to the end.

  6. Hadi Chokre says:

    Wow,très impressionnante présentation, quelle souplese des gestes?
    Un beau choix de thème.
    Bravo, je te souhaite le meilleur des succés
    J’ai adoré la vidéo de “l’Horloger”

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