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S.A.M. EXCLUSIVE: Jason Michaels Interview

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Jason Michaels is a professional speaker, entertainer, and author with astounding expertise in the arts of deception. A storyteller by heart, Jason loves to blend impossible mysteries with unforgettable tales. He has been performing sleight-of-hand, the art of illusion, and theater for over twenty-five years.

SPEAKER: Diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome at age six, Jason has overcome “the impossible” and become an internationally award-winning sleight-of-hand artist and professional speaker. He motivates audiences to see beyond their challenges and self-imposed limitations and inspires them to take action by living bigger, bolder lives with his keynote program “You Can Do the Impossible, Too!”

ENTERTAINER: Jason has shared his style of interactive sleight-of-hand, illusion, and humor with corporate audiences, theaters, universities, the United States Armed Forces, and for private social affairs all over the world.

AUTHOR: Jason is the author of the book “You Can Do the Impossible, Too!” His book details his journey of overcoming the debilitating neurological disorder Tourette Syndrome to become a success in business and in life.

In this interview, John Midgley and Jason Michaels discuss magic, Jason’s tourettes, and his new book.

About the Book

Everyone deserves to live the life of their dreams. Oftentimes, however, on our way to living our dream lives, we are faced with impossible challenges – from disease, to poverty, to self-limiting beliefs, even family and friends who don’t believe in us.

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Jason Michaels faced an impossible challenge when, as a teenager, he dreamed of overcoming the odds to become a professional entertainer and actor, even though he suffered from the debilitating neurological disorder Tourette’s Syndrome.

In between uncontrollable vocalizations and rapid, repetitive twitching movements, he accomplished his dreams and became a multi-award-winning professional magician and motivational speaker who has entertained and spoken to audiences in over a dozen countries around the world.

This is Jason’s remarkable and inspirational story.


• The principles and techniques he discovered to become a success in business and in life.
• How, as a teenager, he identified and began working toward living the life of his dreams.
• A vulnerable and honest perspective of what it’s like to live with an uncontrollable disorder that often alienates and embarrasses him.
• Incredible true adventures from his career as a professional magician.
• Several of his favorite magic tricks that he teaches you how to do!

Read Jason’s story in his book and you will be inspired and motivated to overcome the impossible challenges and overwhelming odds in your life, too!

This article and interview is presented exclusively by The Society of American Magicians, The Magic Compass and Assembly V1.1. Please CLICK HERE for more information.

  1. As a professional magician myself, I can say that Jason’s card handling is fantastic. His presentation and voice are also excellent. Great job, Jason!

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