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Shin Lim Fools and Wins First Place


Shin LimIt has been a busy summer for Shin Lim. He fooled Penn & Teller on international television and he won the Close-up Card Magic Championship in Rimini, Italy at the international magic competition known as FISM.
During a recent airing of Fool Us, seasoned magicians Penn and Teller were impressed by this magician who executed some of the best sleight of hand they had ever seen. Lim during the entire performance doesn’t say a word, letting his magic to the talking for him. Shin Lim originally went to college to study piano, but unfortunately he developed carpal tunnel in both hands. Because of that, he decided to pursue magic as his main career. He insists that his background performing piano and learning music influenced his magic as he synchronizes every movement to the music.

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Shin Lim will convert the most cynical in the audience and make them believe in Magic. In Rimini one magician told us “I haven’t believed in magic in over 20 years…I thought I had seen it all, until today”. This is beautiful, magical artistry at its best.

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